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Career Exploration

Find Your Path: Career Exploration

Career exploration coaching is for you if: You are a high-achieving professional who wakes up every morning and dreads going to work. You’re feeling “stuck” along your current career path because your work is not meaningful and you know you have more to offer the world. You’re talented and high performing, but you haven’t yet found your career “sweet spot.”

What you want:

  • You want career clarity. You want to dive deep into understanding yourself better and discover what kind of work gives you meaning and purpose, energizes you, leverages your unique skillset, and allows you to be your authentic self.
  • Once you have a clearer picture of what you do and don’t want through your work, you’ll explore different career paths.
  • You’ll consider potential opportunities based on your needs, not what pops up first on job boards.
  • Ultimately, you’ll choose the best path for you to move forward in a meaningful and rewarding career.

Where you want to be:

  • You want the feeling of waking up every day and being excited about what you do.
  • You want your work to be meaningful and energizing.
  • You want to make a difference for people and you want all areas of your life to improve as a result of figuring out your career.
Career Coaching

Advance Your Path: Career Advancement

Career advancement coaching is for you if: You like the job, department, company and/or industry you are in, but you want to advance your career. You know or at least have a good idea of the path you want to take in your career. And you want ensure you are taking the right steps and making the best decisions to get there on your timeline. You have high expectations for your career and are committed to reaching your professional goals.

What you want:

  • You want to confirm your career path and professional goals, then get busy taking the necessary action to get where you want to go.
  • You want to understand what new knowledge, experience and skills you will need to acquire along your journey.
  • You also want to determine how to grow your network so you are connected with the support system and influencers you will need along your journey.
  • Then, you’ll go about executing your plan and adjusting to stay on course whenever the inevitable challenges arise.
  • You’ll put yourself in the best possible position to achieve your career aspirations.

Where you want to be:

  • You want the comfort of knowing you are on the right path toward achieving your career goals.
  • You want the confidence to know that no matter what career challenges you experience, you’re prepared to handle them.
  • You want to be able to focus your attention on the other areas of your life because you know your career is right where you want it to be.

Create Your Path: Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial success coaching is for you if: You have started, plan to start or are considering starting your own business and want to position yourself for success. You have a dream of working for yourself and helping others through your services and/or products. You’re ambitious and believe in yourself, but you know creating your own path can be full of challenges.

What you want:

  • You want to make sure all areas of your life are aligned as you design your career.
  • You’ll work to make sure your attitude and mindset are unshakeable, you’ll commit to taking all action necessary to grow and develop your business, and you’ll understand what resources (including people and information) you’ll need to turn your vision into your reality.
  • Once you’ve mastered the entrepreneurial attitude, commitment and resources, you’ll be on your way to owning a successful business and living your dream.

Where you want to be:

  • You want all the excitement and opportunities that comes with being a successful entrepreneur.
  • You want to experience the meaning and satisfaction of truly helping others by living out your personal mission and vision.
  • You want the freedom of living life on your terms.

Share Your Story: Personal Branding

Personal branding coaching is for you if: You understand the importance of standing out from the competition, whether you work for a company or for yourself.  You know it’s not easy landing the top jobs or clients that everybody wants, and you must present yourself better than everyone else. You have a unique professional story to tell and you know sharing that story in the best possible way is critical to marketing yourself and landing your dream job or clients.

What you want:

  • You want to stand out as the best possible candidate for your ideal job or clients.
  • You’ll explore what makes you unique in terms of your experience, accomplishments, skills, passions, interests and anything else that separates you from the crowd.
  • Then, you’ll incorporate that powerful personal messaging in every aspect of your career, including your resume, LinkedIn profile, website, job interviews and networking opportunities, to land the job you really want.

Where you want to be:

  • You want the confidence of knowing you’re in the best possible position to land your dream job or clients.
  • You want to be a natural leader who is sought out for new career opportunities that directly align with your professional goals.
  • With a fulfilling career energizing you, you want to be able to focus on other important areas in your life.

Design Your Career

Create a meaningful career filled with work you love

What if you could create a meaningful career that fulfills your personal values through work you love? How would you feel? What would your life look like? If you are willing to invest in yourself, reframe your mindset and push past your fears, a career you love can be your reality. Value Over Energy’s “Design Your Career” program will guide you in completing a personal audit and equip you with the self-knowledge you need to pursue a career that aligns with who you are.

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