Design Your Career

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Whether you want to work for yourself or for an organization that aligns with your values, the “Design Your Career” program guides you in completing a personal audit to help you discover a career path designed specifically for you. One-on-one and group sessions available.

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Design Your Career

Designing your ideal career is now more possible than ever

It’s a pretty crazy concept, really: designing a career specifically for you. Starting from a perspective of what you are good at and love to do, instead of going to job boards and mindlessly applying for positions that aren’t a good fit for you.

Yet, the world we live in today has given us that freedom and opportunity.

Today, there are now more types of jobs than ever, and people now have more specialized skills than ever. Thanks to the Internet, the opportunities for a career designed specifically for you have increased exponentially. Plus, you can now do all kinds of work from anywhere. So, even if you live in a small town or a city that doesn’t offer the opportunity you want, you can still have a career you love.

The goal of the “Design Your Career” program is to help you better understand yourself on several levels so that you have the freedom to choose a career you love. My role as your coach and strategic partner is to help you discover the key components of your ideal career. Then you can explore potential career paths that offer meaningful work aligned with your personal values.

“Design Your Career” Program Details

  • Six-week program, including weekly one-on-one meetings
  • Unlimited phone call, text message and email support throughout the program
  • Personal audit workbook to stay organized

The program focuses on the following core areas to help you determine a career path that is best for you:

  • Personal Values: The values that set the foundation for who you are and what you want.
  • Behavior & Personality Types: The behaviors, characteristics and qualities that make you unique.
  • Character Strengths: The intangible strengths you possess and your greatest contributions to the world.
  • Skills & Interests: The transferrable skills at which you excel, and your interests in work and life.
  • People & Work Environment: The types of people you like working with and for and the ideal work environment in which you thrive.

Once you’ve completed your personal audit, you’ll have the information you need to design your own career. You’ll experience new opportunities, whether it’s through insights into starting your own business, growing within your current company or an organization creating a new position specifically for you.

To find out if the “Design Your Career” program is right for you, schedule a free consultation. We will discuss your career goals and determine whether you would benefit from the program.

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